Apartment Building Improvement: Paint Selection Tips for Common Areas

If your apartment complex looks old and drab, consider repainting the interior and exterior common areas. Repainting is an economical investment for enhancing the overall value and appeal of the building. When done right, the improved space will attract more tenants. Moreover, a fresh coat of paint will protect the building from the elements. 

Keep in mind that the results of the improvement project will depend on the product used. Therefore, consider these fundamental paint selection tips. 

Think About Damage

The external common walls in apartments are exposed to harsh weather elements, including high humidity, sunlight, and extreme temperature. Interior surfaces like hallways also sustain damage due to constant contact by tenants. Therefore, you must choose durable paint capable of withstanding unfavorable conditions without sustaining damage. 

The primary factor affecting paint durability is the gloss level. High-gloss paints have a reflective sheen. This characteristic makes them more resistant to ultraviolet radiation damage and oxidation. Moreover, glossy walls are easier to clean, making them perfect for high-traffic areas. The only drawback is the exposure of hidden imperfections due to the luster. 

Matte paints will hide imperfections on old walls because of poor reflectivity. However, these finishes are unsuitable for common areas because of the difficulty of cleaning dirt, fingerprints, and other stains. Also, the coatings often experience accelerated oxidation after exposure to moisture, sunlight, and heat.

If you are looking for a finish in between high-gloss and matte, consider satin and semi-gloss finishes. In addition to finishes, look for products with specialty additives for UV protection.

Understand Colors 

The color of the apartment complex will determine the appeal to potential tenants. Therefore, understand the options and purchase with care. In general, common areas do well with neutral hues. These shades are unobtrusive and compatible with almost all building designs. Where possible, choose neutral colors like white, cream, and shades of gray. 

If you would like bolder walls, establish a color scheme. You can consult a designer or draw inspiration from magazines and online boards. Choosing a perfect bold color is risky, so use testers before purchase. Apply paint on one of the walls and compare the appeal. Also, monitor the color throughout the day because lighting affects appearance. 

You can use different paint colors on your apartment building walls. For example, the exterior walls can have a dark color while the internal common walls are painted a gentler shade. However, ensure that the colors are compatible and that the transition is smooth. 

Consider the Odor

Paint odors can create a hostile environment for residents. Malodorous products are associated with headaches, breathing problems for people with underlying respiratory conditions, eye irritation, and general discomfort. These negative effects are attributed to VOCs or volatile organic compounds. Therefore, choose low-VOC paint for your project. 

Low-VOC paint has minimal odor and few pollutants. Usage will keep the apartment environment safe and comfortable for the residents. Avoid conventional paint and review the information on different products before selecting the safest paint.

Calculate the Costs  

The cost of paint is significant for large apartment complexes. Inadequate budgeting for the project could result in incomplete or poor-quality work. Therefore, you should consider your building maintenance funds and find the most cost-effective paint. Do not just choose the cheapest paint. Instead, focus on value. 

When calculating the expenses, check the price per gallon for your preferred product. Then, consult your chosen painting contractor on the volume of paint needed for complete coverage of the common walls in the building. Remember to budget for a little more paint than required in case of an accident. 

Building renovations can be stressful and overwhelming. If you are struggling with paint decisions for your apartment complex, contact us at All Maintenance Electric Inc. for professional assistance. 

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