Several Rental Properties? 5 Reasons You Need a Multipurpose Handyman

As a multi-unit landlord, you enjoy many benefits but also have many responsibilities. Not the least of these is the maintenance of all your rental units. Failure to make timely repairs and perform all the necessary maintenance can quickly get a landlord into legal and financial trouble. 

To fulfill your landlord obligations, your best bet is to have one or more handymen and cross-trained tradespersons on speed dial. Hiring pros for even small maintenance tasks may feel like just another unwanted expenditure, but it actually helps you in many ways – personally and financially. Here are five reasons you should work with experienced multipurpose handymen. 

1. Landlords Don’t Often Have Time 

Landlords who have been in the business for a long time or who have building skills themselves can do some of the work on their own. However, they often simply don’t have the time to devote to maintenance and repairs. You might be a landlord ‘on the side’ with a different career or have many varied properties to take care of. And urgent repairs often come at the most inopportune times. While some aspects of your business can be done when you have time, serious repairs are not one of them. The longer you wait – either to get to something yourself or to find someone to hire- the more it may cost you. 

2. Skilled Trades Provide Reliable Fixes 

Because the responsibility for all maintenance and repairs begins and ends with the owner, you must get it right the first time. Having to spend extra time or money on fixing something mishandled eats into your profit margin – something perilously thin for many landlords. Delays can also land you in hot water with the tenants, who have a legal right to a livable home. Rather than put your trust in your own amateur skills or use uncertified maintenance workers, be sure you know you can rely on the work being done. This is where years of work, a variety of construction experiences, and licenses or certifications come into play. You know you’re getting quality work the first time. 

3. One Handyman Gets Many Jobs Done 

The fewer vendors and skilled tradespersons you have to work with, the simpler your life will be. One project, such as a bathroom remodel, may involve electricians, carpenters, plumbers, HVAC technicians, and painters. You might have to find and vet all these contractors yourself as well as work with various schedules. A faster solution is to work with pros who haves kills in many areas and can perform more for less. 

4. You Have an Established Relationship 

When an emergency strikes, do you know who to call? If not, this is an additional delay and added stress. You don’t really know the person or company you might end up with. And at certain times – like during the dead of winter – your call may not be a high priority for repair companies. Avoid these worries by establishing a good business relationship with multi-tasking individuals and vendors when times are good. 

5. Tenants Are Put at Ease 

When a tenant sees one company or one skilled tradesperson time and again, they are also reassured. Rather than having a stranger in their home, they might know the person from other maintenance work. They see the company’s trucks and uniforms around the property. And they’re more likely to trust what that technician says about the repair or work you hired them to handle. When you put into place an experienced team of pros to manage the various fixes and upkeep on rental properties, you can focus on other parts of your landlord business. We will help you craft a maintenance and repair plan that fits your budget, your needs, and your bottom line.

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